Going to Canada? You Need a Visa

Would you like to travel to Canada?

Have you ever thought of having a fantastic vacation in Canada? Did you ever think about working at the land Down Under? If you do, then you have to know more about the nation, its culture, people, and food prior to making that major choice of traveling to Canada and getting your own Canadan visa.

eTA Canada

This is precisely why Canada has numerous kinds of visas related only to an individual set of motives for staying there.

Visitors in Canada have to have a travel visa. You will either want an ETA Long-Stay Tourist Visa or Short-Stay Tourist Visa if you would like to visit Canada to visit some relatives or friends, go sightseeing, or even indulge in other non-working activities. However, if you’re traveling to Canada for business purposes then you are going to require an ETA Short-Stay Business Visa or even Long-Validity Business Visa.

ETA or Electronic Travel Authority tourist visa is the simplest travel visa and is issued to people that are traveling to Canada for business or tourism purposes for no longer than three weeks. ETA is a digital system that simplifies visa tags or stamps in your passport and when accepted it is saved digitally to the passport number you provided during your application. Moreover, you should have a passport out of an ETA using country so as to be eligible for this system.

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